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12th July 2008

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#51 11 years ago
BF109;4757452The only thing i´ve noticed is, that you can´t hear the Radio Voices on the Maps. I dont know why, i´m not familiar with such things. But it´s not a Problem, becuase you can´t hear the Bot Commanders Radio Spamming too:)

This is probably because the maps were made with 2.1 in mind and are using the outdated voice sets. You will have to copy the voices out of another maps init.con into those of the mappack - this should also work for the second mappack (just copy the whole bit with the tams and kits though).


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10th July 2003

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#52 11 years ago


I used those mappacks ons my server, and they worked all like a charm! But since my server still ran 2.1 I guess they dont work with 2.15 anymore?


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5th May 2007

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#53 11 years ago

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