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The Red Barron

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8th July 2004

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#71 16 years ago

Why would you use only cannons with a plane that can pack

8 anti tank rockets 6 150kg bombs 192 PGAM hollow charge bomblets Any of these will destroy any tank in the game extremely fast. Elefants included.


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13th January 2004

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#72 16 years ago

I was seeing how effective the guns were because it was in the open on Orel and using the cannons when they get inside the city is really hard.


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#73 16 years ago

Can't believe there are not any more out there that like the German AT vehicles. The Jagdpanzer is my favorite!!! The low profile in Sector 318 make it a killer AT platform. The Jagdpanther is close second. The Elefant is great too but needs a little help if it gets too far forward. Can't wait for the Marder II. Here are my favorite tanks.

German- Jagdpanzer Jagdpanther StuG III Elefant Panthers King Tiger Panzer IV Tiger US- M36 Jackson Shermans Priest M10 Russian- KV1 T34/85 UK- Firefly Crusader Sexton Matilda MKII


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22nd November 2002

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#74 16 years ago

Barbie King Tiger for sure.

Else KV-2 is my favorite heavy tank in the game, and is pretty powerful