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Ofw. Josef Schneider

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19th October 2007

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#61 12 years ago

I knew someone would appreciate my use of aesthetic, figurative speaking.


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4th July 2006

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#62 12 years ago

The devs have got to be even more annoyed at us for this whole flip-flopping thing.

Expect an increase in dreamcrushing. :(


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30th January 2006

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#63 12 years ago
Cadyshack;4802705The devs have got to be even more annoyed at us for this whole flip-flopping thing. Expect an increase in dreamcrushing. :(

Lobo beat me to it :( :bawl:


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#64 12 years ago

IMO the supressing effect was too strong. I really didn't like, that it started even when you were behind a bullet proof wall like in a bunker and someone shot at the other side of the wall. Another problem was that you could supress yourself which was anoying in close quarter combat.

Maybe the effect should be a little bit stronger, but please not as strong as it was in the first release!

Natty Wallo

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16th December 2005

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#65 12 years ago

hmm yea Knitschi.. but think again - you are behind a concrete wall, someone lays down a full auto fire with MG42 on you... aren't you supposed to suppressed (scared) when you are also crouching or proning?.. I mean it would be weird if you could switch between supressed and non-supressed by popping your head up and down... Supression is not only there to make you take cover when you are beinf fired at, it is also there to keep you from emering from cover while the fire is on you - that is where the word "suppression" comes from - to push someone back with fear.

But I agree, not so much as first, now it's OK I think, problem with suppression is not that it isn't effective, it is the fact that dying in FH2 doesn't matter so much... Suppression as a gameplay element is not used to make you scared of the MG fire, it is supposed to force you into a more careful state of combat - fear of death...


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18th November 2007

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#66 12 years ago

Whoo, I've been kinda out of the forums lately. Oh well, on topic.

At first all this suppression thingy seemed pretty simple - get a tad less intensive effect than in 2.0. Then I've read through >>WOLF<< and >>FH<< threads regarding this subject. After that it came clear to me that this issue is a hard nut to crack.

So it all started with the first release and an uproar on wolf forums against the suppression effect. There was quite a bunch of people claiming that the whole thing is not realistic - and they were right. Getting this fact straight: you do not get blurry vision under fire, you're just (heh) scared shitless. (I'm not talking about exceptions like dust in the eyes, crying etc.)

And so the whole FH community was cut in half regarding that poor little shader. At least his happy now in the land of PR. Nevertheless those who were against this shader (or it's swollen form) had a striking argument in their hands. Although the devs knew very well about it in the first place they stated it's the way they'd like have it as a way to enforce realistic behaviour from players. After the whole fuzz they said the'll reconsider - and they did, unfortunately.

The devs decision is understandable and reasonable. I'd probably do the same in their place. The mod being barely realeased didn't meet the expectations of many they surely got suppressed (oh the irony) by the rant (imho).

All in all we ended with the lack of a tool that represents firepower in other way than simply killing (bah, I'd say even more efficient than killing). And it still pains me to admit it's not realistic, but then again, disabling fire while jumping is not realistic as well but makes the job dony by removing bunnyhop for good, doesn't it?

Now the biggest problem is that devs are probably fed up with this case. They discussed it a quazillion times in every possible way with a bigger insight than most of us here. In the end it's their mod and I'll support them in their decisions as I think they're doing an awesome job. I can only wish that seing how much people desire an adittional dimension to the gameplay the devs will try and "play" with the suppression effect shader once more.

Thank you.