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Rule#1: Bring a Bigger Gun!

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1st October 2003

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#81 16 years ago

Here's one that's been mentioned in other posts, but it never hurts to repeat. One key tactic when engaging armor vs armor is to keep moving. Also, be sure to practice moving and firing.

I don't know how many tigers I've taken out with my sherman or t34 simply by moving in a circle around it and firing the whole time. Even if your luck eventually runs out, you've usually done sufficient damage to make it much easier for the next guy.


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24th September 2003

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#82 16 years ago

Yeah, it works very well especially with fast moving tanks like BT7, although they lack damage they are damn annoying and may distract the Tiger to expose the weak sides of its armor to friendly troops.


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29th July 2004

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#83 16 years ago
Topp There is NOTHING wrong with basecamping as long as it isnt your starter base.

I agree with that. If it's cappable, it's campable IMO. Unless I'm feeling reckless, I'm not rolling my lone tank into a built-up flag area. I'll wait for support and try to lock down the flag unil it arrives. Usually, if support doesn't arrive, I'll leave and go to a different flag. Although, instead of killing enemies as they run for vehicles, I find it better to just kill the empty vehicles. That way, you don't get blindsided because you didn't see a sneaky tank commander.