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7th October 2003

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#51 15 years ago

Beast of WarENEMY tags should be turned off......not the friendly tags......

That way you can ambush and hide, but friendly players won't teamkill since they can still "scan" the target as usual to be friendly or not without checking the minimap.

You are quitte right that nametag scanning buisiness is ruining the game, i had my fill with it too. Being shot through bushes or being killed by someone running around a corner in a house blazing guns because he knows exactly where you are......it is like just another sort of wall hack.

And wall hacks make a game suck....it is part of the reason why i hate FH infantry combat so much. Bunnyhoppers and run 'n gunners make it only worse. Believe me, it is not infantry combat i hate ( i love Ghost recon and Rainbow 6 ) it is the bf1942/FH infantry combat that #$$%^& because it is designed to be liked by &*^%$ !!!

Amen, brother (I love GR and R6!). The Dead Meat server dropped the name tags waaaaay down which is cool with me. I just check the minimap. I love taking a tank destroyer on Sector now that I'm not being scanned long range (hmm sounds vaguely Star Trekish) -- I just hide in the underbrush and ambush enemy armor and then motor to a new spot (which is how they're supposed to operate)



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2nd January 2005

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#52 15 years ago
huhrlassi like the suggestion about tanks being team locked, very good!!!

But that would not really make that large of a differance. If you see something move you hold your crosshair over them. If he is an allie his tag will pop up, otherwise you shoot him.

Or did you mean in addition to the viewing distance?


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16th April 2004

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#53 15 years ago

i play all versions of bf42 and at times i feel tags are good to have and then whn you play another version its quite different. I played some rome mod and with the tags at a close distance it was hard to differentiate on who was who. However, this meant that no longer could i just empty a magazine at some guy on the screen, i guess it decreases the number of kills and it made a good game