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19th December 2005

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#31 13 years ago
killstorm;4093206It really feels like this mod is way too heavily based around the tanks, with the infantry combat being secondary.

Well I noticed at least two more "Infantry Only" maps yesterday: Battle for Sfaika 16 and Supercharge in that "Goldbars" Mode. And I didn't even check any other 16 player maps. And there's "Light combat mode", I guess that's the new name for the "No Vehicles" option in BF2. BTW will people still be able to sprint much longer with that option activated like in vanilla? I don't hope so, because FH2 sprint times have already been increased.

But personally I like all the vehicles, especially after 90% of all BF2 players basically reduced their game to "Infantry nadespamming and statwhoring at Karkand". So I won't try that light combat mode very often I guess. But who knows - it wouldn't surprise me if the FH2 devs did a better job at tweaking that mode than the BF2 devs did (remove vehicles, increase sprint, there you go... :uhm:), if that's possible.


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#32 13 years ago
killstorm;4092955 Also, I know this is probably realistic for these AT rifles but I really think it's necessary to buff them for the sake of gameplay.

as many others said: you are wrong. besides, what do you think it were like in the war? Infantry had a tough time agains tanks, right? when a tank came rolling towards a village where you were hiding, it's supposed to strike fear in the infantry.


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13th December 2005

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#33 13 years ago
coorscan;4093028Some say the finnish Lahti L-39 20 mm Anti-Tank Cannon was the best atr in the war. ATR's in general were obsolete vs all but light armor(and suffered penetration degradation at range vs. these even), and marginal at disabling medium armor by firing at the tracks.

Obsolete in the Anti tank role, yes. But not in the Anti Material role, no. They where still quite usefull against soft targets such as infantry, lightly armored vehicles and ofcourse fortifications. Aside from that, "best" is a useless term when it comes to weapons. As each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Same thing with vehicles.


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21st August 2003

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#34 13 years ago

Yeah, nothig clears those nasty mg nests like a 20mm phosphorus grenade shot straight in from 500 meters. :)


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10th May 2005

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#35 13 years ago

i played as an engineer just now for an hour or two and i had very satisfying tank kills with my mines. i generally place 2 or so mines in bottleneck entrances and place my flags just a little further so when friendly tanks try to go out, they know the exit (entrance for enemy) is blocked. the enemy however, thinks that the mines are more inward and drive through the bottleneck, effectively falling for my boobytraps. it's a very good way of luring tanks into traps without getting teamkills (didnt have a single tk in the entire round)