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11th April 2005

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#51 11 years ago
Natty Wallo;4083504FH 0.7 with its addons and mappacks (MP6, FHSW, Sound/texture pack, FHTMOD, NorwegianResistance) is the greatest combined game/Mod product ever made and it will live a long long time.... None of them shall die, nor be replaced by the other, they are two poles on the gaming globe, and all other WW2 games are spinning around their axis.

Agree absolutely. I plan on playing FH a long time yet. (And I really REALLY want MegaRaptor to get the 0.7 fan mappack out!).

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12th June 2004

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#52 11 years ago

Between the huge variety of maps/theatres, vehicles, minimods, etc. and the upcoming mappack, FH1942 will be staying on my harddrive for a long time yet. I've been compiling a near-complete list of FH1942 maps (including minimods and mappacks) in historical order - after the fan mappack comes out I'll consider posting it for fans of the "old" FH who want to put together a full campaign to play through.


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19th November 2007

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#53 11 years ago

Well, I’d also like to say thanks! Thank you for all the lovely memories, all the endless hours, the excitement, the joy and the fear out there on those maps, all the hours in this mirror of the past.

It all began – naturally – with Battlefield 1942, my first big online game. I really played it a lot and over time I became more and more interested in WW2, since here in Germany, you’re still living very close to this part of history. And I began to complain about the way BF42 was done, where names and models were just empty, replaceable hulls for “standard faction medium tank” ect. But then I heard there was hope – Forgotten Hope. Forgotten Hope 0.5B - I tried it and I loved it ever since! When somebody asked me what kinda games I played I answered: Forgotten Hope. And it’s true, it’s really true, for me FH isn’t a mod – it’s a game, a real unique full-size game experience!

I remember the day FH 0.6 was to be announced on GIGA TV (horrible station, first and last time I watched it, they scattered 10 minutes FH in a 2 hour show) and I asked everyone not to use the TV since this was something really special I couldn't miss! And then there was ArminAce and said “And here is it: The Kingtiger, coated with yet another incredible skin made by RAD” and they showed Die Alpenfestung and the commentator agreed the Kingtiger looked to him at least as good as the upcoming BF Vietnam Tanks. Special greetings to RAD here, I wish you the very best for your health and I am sure there will always be a place in FH for the little teddy bear.

And it’s true, just like ww2freak said: you get more and more interested in those things. Although I always was very keen on history I visited a lot of places like the Maginot-Line, the Technik Museum Sinsheim or the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung der Bundeswehr and I felt like a kid in a candy store: “Look they’ve got a Jagdpanther in fully working condition or the rare STG44 model with bent barrel to shot around corners, or the little goliath!!”

And it’s simply great when someday you just somehow feel how to handle the guns in FH to shot an enemy running at full speed in the far distance with one single shot and know every meter of the maps by heart! In fact, some night I even dreamt of FH. I was in a building, hiding from the enemy troops and armed with a bazooka (well, where’s the sense in that?!) and tell you what: the visuals where also so square-edged and low-textured like in FH and I even got stuck in the building, although this might have also been that “can’t run away from the dinosaur” effect you sometimes have in dreams. ;)

But I’m still not sure if I’m going FH2, since I think I can’t spend as much time on FH2 as I spend on FH1. I don’t even own BF2 yet, but already had a glimpse on FH2 and boy I looks fantastic! They should have put this into a box instead of that new Medal of honor: Airborne! I like the new weapon feeling (feels more like a real gun), the tank commander’s view and the overall more “complicated” real-world handling, like placing mine markers or that you have to land planes to reload them. But as long as you are basing game elements on real-world situations, even very complex game elements will always make sense (expect when the corresponding real-world elements didn’t make sense too: polish cavalry anyone?)! But I also have to say the general movements feels a bit tenacious and bubblegum like (I think it’s an BF2 engine thing), the shock effect shouldn’t be used that often (maybe only for explosions, not MG fire) and it seems like you don’t have to focus the crosshair anymore before you can shoot. On the other side it occurred to me like you have now bullet drop again, just like in FH 0.67 (loved this feature!!!).

I hope the day I retire, hardware and engines might have reached such a stable level of photorealistic visual quality, matching todays tools like Maxwell or VRay in realtime, with equally authentic physics and intuitive design tools (like the virtual photo-cameras with lenses and shutter-times you use in Maxwell instead of engine commands) based on future, industry-wide standards. Since the amount of work it takes to design those things grows with the level of detail your engine can deliver. Then I’ll maybe spend my days working on a forthcoming FH masterpiece of detail and historical accuracy which will hopefully last much longer and not only till the next big game engine.

So, to summarize: Battlefield 1942 + FH = the best 50 bucks I’ve ever spend (I don’t think you can donate for FH, even the DVDs Flüstertüte made were sold at cost)! I wish all active and retired developers the very best and good luck for all upcoming releases, the final FH 0.7 will have a place on my hard drive forever!

Truly Yours,



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#54 11 years ago

ww2freak;4081737I just hope FH1 will still be played occasionally, for it has a crapload of maps and war scenarios, that FH2 will take some time to reach.

But I guess this marks the beginning of FH1's slow death. We played so many hours, we met so many people, we lived so many experiences, in so many servers. We have learned more about WW2 than we would ever imagined and for some of us, History is no longer a weary tale of distant events. It became real, and the people who lived through it, became the object of our admiration and solidarity.

A team of a few dedicated dev's spent a part of their lives working to bring us "The First Greatest Mod", as FH1 shall be henceforth known.

Never before, in the history of online gaming, so many owned so much, to so few.

We will never forget.


(ceremonial FH guard shoots 3 salvos of every single gun in FH1).

So touching. I think I'll cry. Or have an awesomeness induced heart attack. Or both, but not at the same time.