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Jaw crusher is a kind of commonly used crushing equipment.Because of the big feed port and the simple working principle,it is a widely used device in mine ,stone, sand, construction waste, mobile crushing .Since some jaw crushers are not fully enclosed, when the crusher is at work,the stones are hit by the extrusion, the air in the the clearance of the stone powder is squeezed out moving with high speed, which leads the dust to escape raising a lot of dust momentarily .The air with dust are discharged downward through the chute or upward through the charging port, which will form the high concentrations of dusts around the feed port.Then,how does the dust form? And how to control them?I think this is a problem the crusher users are concerned about,so I will introduce the formation and control of the jaw crusher dusts as follows.

How does the dust of the jaw crusher form? 1. When the jaw crusher is used as the primary crushing equipment,it usually needs a feeder to ensure the uniform continuous feeding, but there is a height difference between the feeder and the jaw crusher, when the materials fall into the gap between the movable and fixed jaws of the jaw crusher , the dusts appear due to the collision.

2.The jaw crusher works by extrusion, the movable jaw keeps doing the occlusion sports continuously , and when the movable jaw squeezes the materials, the dusts inside the jaw crusher will rise as the air current,and escape into the air outside the jaw crusher.

How to control the dusts pollution of the jaw crusher? 1. In closed control. Design a vertical sealing feed channel between the jaw crusher and the vibrating feeder , meanwhile ,close the feed port of the jaw crusher to prevent the dusts from escaping .

2.Reduce the vertical height between the feeder and a jaw crusher to lessen the dust generation.

3.Set the spray device at the connection point of the feed inlet and the tapes trans-shipment , and then control the water content to humidification the stones, which can greatly reduce powder dust pollution.You can also install a filter, to sorb the dust out.

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