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2nd January 2005

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#81 13 years ago

Thanks for the great reply. BTW You sound more like 25 then 17!


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26th April 2004

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#82 13 years ago



USA - 18 levels UK - 13 levels USSR - 13 levels FRANCE - 5 levels CANADA - 4 levels POLAND - 3 levels CHINA - 2 levels AUSTRALIA - 2 levels

GERMANY - 41 levels JAPAN - 12 levels ITALY - 5 levels FINLAND - 2 levels

Why there are so few Axis nations? I mean wouldn't any guys here want more axis nations instead of loads of allies ones? Since UK and Germany is on, let's just wait for 7 ally nations and 3 Axis? Well maybe 4 is enough but if the devs aren't going to include an Axis country outside the Axis of Berlin-Rome-Tokio (Finland, Rumania, Hungary?), some allied nations should be definatly dropped..


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13th December 2004

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#83 13 years ago

Not a bad idea, but I didn't want to disappoint anyone by dropping Allied nations. In my case I only included every nation that was in FH1 and added China (since its inclusion seems unanimous). I kind of stand by the position that all the armies of FH1 should eventually be seen again, while anything after that is secondary (except China, which of all nations seemed conspicuously missing).