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4th August 2005

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#41 13 years ago
Archimonde0_0;4270374Meadow says it well. I am not on the developement team, but I do modify Battlefield 2, and even the simplest of things, a weapon animation, can take hours, if not days to get it looking right.

Absolutley, I am trying my hardest to produce some models, but time is such a strained resource, I've spent over 12 hours on my first model and not even got close to the skin - considered how a player will be positioned on the model, how it will fire, how it will sound. Jees, these FH2 modders really should get more worldwide recognition for their work... It really pains me to see people barking for updates and content when they don't have any knowledge about how long these things take, it's a monstrous job just producing one thing.

:bows: Praise be to all devs involved.