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25th April 2003

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I would like to encourage you to make a "0.66 Suggestion Thread". Please organize this you own - this is your responsibiilty now.

-) Let one moderator (should be someone with more FH experience and objective view of things) start the thread, Plz discuss the position of the moderator in here. -) the moderator will edit his first post in time and a list of 0.66 suggestions will eventually be posted there. -) discuss what should be in changed or added in 0.66 -) agree on suggestions and find compromises -) the moderator then creates a list of things people suggested for 0.66 in his first post (edits it everytime you found a new suggestion)

Rules: NO new vehicles, because we already have 95% ready that will go into 0.66. NO maps, 0.66 will most likely not contain a new map. NO spamming in this thread. Really work in there to make FH better. Do this in a serious way! - this will help us to a high amount. A final version of this list has to be ready on the 09th of October. Later than that we cannot get new stuff in.


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30th May 2003

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#2 14 years ago