Torpedo boats and subs reloadable now ? -1 reply

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28th May 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I read something about merchant ships being able to reload and repair other ships......that is great, but where do German naval units refill their torpedoes ?

For example in Desert Rose ? Rheinuebung ?


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7th July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Was wondering the same thing in the sub on desert rose a few minutes ago. In the hanger thingy it shows the ammo icon, but it doesnt reload :(.

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17th June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

In the Battle of the Philippines is there any location where you can resupply? It's really annoying having to scuttle your PT boat and then having to find a new one. :uhm:

(Wish more servers had that map in their rotation, it's my favorite map of them all)