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20th March 2008

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#31 11 years ago

Your right Elche, our map intel could be shared with others.

Moose12;4806263And Fuchs my dutch comrade, I am glad the U & R has thrown it's support behind this noble cause. At least we will for sure have the funding we need to keep this campaign going for a while.

Funding consists of cans of spam and beer.

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3rd January 2009

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#32 11 years ago

We have a majority-almost a supermajority for a forum, a definite supermajority for the idea itself. I shouldn't have to bump this, the consensus is fairly clear. (89.66% for, 10.34% against!) Its been over a month since the last vote was cast!


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19th November 2007

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#33 11 years ago

Working on it! I see this bumped and a PM from Donutz with helpfull instructions at the same time - it can't be coincidence! You guys just have to be a little more patient with Nor... err T&T subforum ;).


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#34 11 years ago

Yeah turtorials would be nice, I still havent figured out all the weak spots on tanks for example. I cant kill a matilda, but every PZ3 I meet always seem to know about a super secret spot made of cardboard :( Im all in for a forum or a wiki, as long as its organized.