[VIDEO] New FH2 HD Promo for April '08 -1 reply

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26th January 2005

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#21 11 years ago

I give the potato masher going off directly under the British soldier a 5/5 :)

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3rd January 2007

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#22 11 years ago



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24th March 2005

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#23 11 years ago

I just wanted to report in that I have received some comments on Youtube concerning the promo videos...the thing that sticks out is that the comments say to post the videos on the Forgotten Hope 2 forums.....which means that there are fans of FH2 out there that don't visit these forums.

the bottom line....it pays to advertise this mod.

Here is another little factoid about me....when Desert Combat first came out...I never visited their forums either, not even once during the entire development phase and not once after. I learned of DC by word of mouth...and after seeing some fan made videos.

So please keep spreading the videos around the net.