What are your favorite bugs and glitches in FH? -1 reply

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5th December 2004

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#71 16 years ago

i vote for realism too in all things! i hate the word "playable" or the statement "its a game not a simulation"! well i dont want a game! I WANT A SIMULATION! thank you very much, if i want a game ill play vanilla bf. the whole point of FH was to bring realism, because vanilla bf blows bigtime!


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16th August 2004

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#72 16 years ago

mArsHow high were you?? If you´re too high you lost control of your plane. Or is that what you mean as normal?

Invisible things? mmmh... if i change the infantry cam, it could happens that all vehicles are invisible until i change again through all the infantry cams, but that seems to be a lag problem(never happened in sp).

yes, this is very common in DC with the jets. when you fly high enough anything you do triggers the tumble. usually it stops when you get down again if you're going 0 throttle, or maybe even negative throttle.