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7th November 2003

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#51 14 years ago
i am going to live in Bucuresti next year

My cousin lives in Bucharest. What sector are you going to live in? Also do you know the language? p.s. Ill get back to this thread after the Simpsons. back....

It would make things interesting....read your statement.."Arguably Germans best ally"....you do know that:

-Romanian infantry left their weaponry behind when they saw the enemy coming(see Italy too) -Romania turned sides when the Russians were knocking on the border, the German troops in the country had very little time to pack up. Huge amounts of material was left behind, due to the sudden "turn coat" decision of the Romanians.


You dont lose that many soldiers if you run when you see the enemy, http://www.angelfire.com/ct/ww2europe/stats.html You cant win any battle if you retreat when you see the enemy. http://www.worldwar2.ro/operatii/?article=4&language=en In every army, soldiers retreated. The soviets started shooting their own retreating soldiers as a solution to the hundred of thousands that deserted. Every army has deserters, but they dont represent the whole army. As for switiching sides, what good is it to keep on fighting for a lost cause? Why waste more people's lives? The war was lost already. Resisting wont solve anything but bring more bloodshed. I also read somewhere that more German decorations were offered to Romanian soldiers then any other of Germany's allies. Ill try to find the link to prove it.



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7th May 2004

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#52 14 years ago

Romania, for sure. They made the second largest contribution to the Axis war effort, second only to Germany itself. Also, considering that there are only two Axis nations, but numerous Allied nations, it would only be logical and fair to add more Axis nations before wasting time and effort on Australia or New Zealand. Yes, you read that correctly--a WASTE of time.

Frankly, it sickens me that the ANZAC's are dominating this poll. People need to stop being biased towards the inclusion of nations (ie, wanting THEIR nation before any others) and focus on the truly important countries which actually made worthwhile contributions to the war effort, which is definitely not the case with Australia or New Zealand.

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18th July 2004

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#53 14 years ago

We have more than enough countries that are Allies. We just don't need any more Allies before we add a few more Axis countries such as Italy, Romania or Hungary.


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18th August 2004

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#54 14 years ago

I've already stated that my vote goes to Romania. Now that that is out of the way... Very well MK., which countries, in your informed opinion, made "worthwhile contributions to the war effort"? And how do you define "worthwhile"? In terms of number of men committed? Number of casualties? Amount of land taken? Amount of damage caused to infrastructure? It gets kind of hazy when you think about it in these terms... I agree that the ANZACs are not exactly a high priority at the moment. In fact, Italy, France and Romania aside, I believe the devs should set aside any work they've done on any other armies and concentrate on bug-fixes and balance issues for the next few versions. Oh, and of course the Panzer III. I believe that the contribution of the ANZACs to WWII was indeed worthwhile, even if we didn't storm Berlin. Nor were we invaded: neither was Britain. And yes, we were bombed, we did detect and destroy Japanese subs in our harbours: we were a target. Not to mention the many US servicemen who came here for R&R and found solace in King's Cross. :D I appreciate your point, but don't belittle us. A.


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7th October 2004

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#55 14 years ago

:beer: Go the Aussie's

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17th May 2004

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#56 14 years ago

What would I like to see next in FH?

Pacific maps. :uhm:


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30th January 2004

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#57 14 years ago

What is the class, that is more easy to do??I will vote on her!