What do you run BF1942 (and FH) at? -1 reply

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28th December 2003

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#71 16 years ago

Yes, its true, but for me its better with memory who is "better" than the cpu since i overclock my computors and memory is always a bottleneck ;) But for the casual user who dont do things like this its better to get cheaper memory to run smoother. (but as i said earlier, the memorystacks of "higher" denotations clocks themselves down with no problem and even sometimes higher) For example memorystacks with winbonds BH-5 became so sucessfully since that batch was a fluke, its 333mhz but can easily go 400 and more (actually now theres special sticks sold now as 400mmhz for overclockers and can go higher when its only 333mhz in the beginning. What i mean is you can always test the memory if it can go higher/lower (and if you go lower you can get CL 2 instead of normally 2.5 or 3 in timings and then your computor is ~5% faster.)


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8th July 2004

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#72 16 years ago

amd athlon xp 3200+ (2.2 gigs) NVidida geforce mx 64megs 512 mb ddr RAM

i run it at 800x600 at lowest refresh rate, medium video settings, and sound is at22kh