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11th April 2005

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#31 14 years ago

Jackson_CalI come back to the forums today expecting to find people raving about FH .7 and thanking the devs for their hard work and what do I find? Nearly the ENTIRE SCREEN is filled with posts complaining about this or that...

If I may be blunt: what is wrong with you people?

Bravo! Spoken like an adult. Yours is perhaps the finest post on attitude of some FHers that has ever been made. I want both you and the devs to remember: it's human nature, unfortunately, to whine; and our nature as well to remain silent if we're content. And the vast majority of Fhers are happy as clams over 0.7. Heck, FH in general is a joy.

To the devs: you have no idea how much most of us admire not only your vision, historical and technical knowledge and IT and gaming skills. Even more, we are amazed at the generous donatuon of these skills, your hard- and software, and immense amount of time you have made, and continue to make.

The most vociferous complainers, for the most part, have almost certainly never worked together on a long-term project of any sort, much less something this complicated, or sacrificed as much time and effort to any cause (other than whacking-off and gaming). And almost certanly as well they have never been involved in creating anything. So they don't understand what it is you've done.

The uber-complainers are not (all) self-centered buttheads, and some are actually usually pretty good guys with a lot of knowledge who have contributed much to the forums. Most probably haven't thought about how hard it is to do what you've done. And if they can do better, I'm sure you'd be happy for them to step up and help...if they have the skills and the work ethic.:D

Besides, I'm sure they'd lighten up if they stopped to think you can walk anytime you want to, and let them do it. Thank you.


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29th June 2004

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#32 14 years ago

I didn't explain it very well, because I was a bit fired up, but like I said, I've been around these forums for a long time. There was something different in either the tone or volume of complaints when I was reading the topics yesterday that seemed wrong. I think Mr. Cheese hit it on the head - a lot of the posts were incredibly demanding or demeaning towards the devs and the testers.

I don't expect a 100% fanboy posts of 'OMG this ROXXORZ!' but are 50 point bulleted lists of complaints really necessary? Or playing a map a few times and concluding it's fundamentally flawed? New maps always play different until everybody figures out the strategies but people come on the forum loudly complaining about what a crappy map it is. Maybe play the new version for a week before airing your lists of criticisms? Or, *gasp* a month? I don't think it's reasonable to make conclusions about what the devs was wrong or right based on a few hours of gameplay when they've literally been at this for months.

I've played games for a long time and never had the experience of being able to visit a forum where we get first hand insight into what the devs are planning for the next release and they even solicit our input on gameplay. It's awesome - and none of us will ever get this opportunity on a commercial game. It just seems, to me anyway, that people are abusing that access now and it's a shame.


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13th March 2005

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#33 14 years ago

I agee, even though I haven't read much, it seems that there's jus a little too many complainers. People have been shouting "GIVE US 0.7 NOW!" and when they finally get it they start complaining about theeeees and thaaat. Hell I agree.


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7th February 2004

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#34 14 years ago

It would be soooo easy to make a 100% realism mod.

Everyone has just one ticket and then the mod uninstalls itself and kills the user =D No more complaining from anyone .....

But nomore such warm words as well. kudos to the thread starter, had to be said. If you got the time to write a 2000 word essay why this and that is wrong and should be changes immediatly and that after the mod has been released a couple of hours then there is something not quite right.


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#35 14 years ago

you want to see people complane watch when the news update dosent come on time.... well when ever the time is...um yes...... ok..... hi!


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26th August 2005

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#36 14 years ago

FH makes vanilla BF1942 and BF2 looks like idiots.

Well, people have been in so many great times with FH, then they have forgotten to step back and look on BF1942 1.6 for just rest a while. After that, the suggestions keeps going on.