What is your Combat role in FH? -1 reply

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1st May 2003

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#91 16 years ago

The only regularly populated server for FH that I can play on is Wolf. I get pings of 280+ on it.

I love flying planes. With most planes requiring 100 rounds in ther other... and my lag = my non effectiveness at dogfighting. I'm accurate at bombing. I only like fighters/fighter bombers. I hate heavy's and rockets.

Usually I go engineer so I can land and repair my plane or repair others who land.

When I play as infantry I go SMG, with my pings its useless to play with a rifle.

I'm not crash hot in a tank, but I like light vehicles/hanomag etc. I'll often go mg in someone elses tank.

Pretty much I play all styles.. I try not to planecamp etc if there's already a couple waiting. If someone tk's me for a vehicle I ptk them. If I get tk'd accidently I ftk.

edit: ps mcgibs I saw you owning us poor russians on Storm, but never actually found your mg nest :)


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29th December 2003

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#92 16 years ago

I'm mostly a tanker. I'd say that on average I'm better than many others on the Wolf server, based on what I've seen. Still not great or anything, but at least I usually give more than I take, so to speak. Except when trying to do something foolish (IE, trying to save my non-cooperating team from getting blown up by Tigers in my humble T-34, and constantly getting blown up in the process) :cool:

As infantry I do well on some maps, mostly in longer-range fights with open terrain. Not very good at CQC :uhm: I suck with planes, since haven't flown much, and with the crappy flight physics currently I don't even want to.