What is your Combat role in FH? -1 reply

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23rd April 2004

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#11 16 years ago

I stop bullets from hitting other things.

edit: damn you beat me to it.

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6th December 2003

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#12 16 years ago

I have just been playing Breaktrough and the whole time I was on my Kattenkrad taxing my team-mates to their tanks and planes and in to battle... it's nice to do such things sometimes.

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7th December 2003

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#13 16 years ago

It depends on the map. I just try to get into the role I am best at in the map. But I like very much to fly around or show off with my mediocre tanking skills :)



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30th May 2004

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#14 16 years ago

grease monkeh


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10th April 2004

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#15 16 years ago

I'm supporting my team in general -> engy, MG guy, coax gunner etc.


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18th November 2003

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#16 16 years ago

I think I'm pretty good at three things:

a. Tanks. Just give me any tank and I'll cause havoc...just ask any of the [11PzG] guys.

b. Rifleman. Im beginning to get pretty good with the rifles now, and mostly always choose them over any other sidearm, appart from the bazooka.

c. Anti tank. This is neat, I think I'm ok with the Bazooka and the Shrek. I once killed 17 Ha-Go's and 4 Chi-Ha's on Saipan.

I try to put these 'skills' to good use and help the team win, I hardly ever touch a plane. When I do its either a Stuka or just moving the planes off carriers so others can get to them, oh and providing a taxi'ing service with the carrier lift :D


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5th October 2003

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#17 16 years ago

K98 and general panzerfaust guy....I suck at flying,...but I am not a bad tanker....

I am usually called the pixel wh*** sometimes due to the fact that I do not preffer close quarters action...

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21st May 2004

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#18 16 years ago

I kill things. :)

Of course....I'm usually killed more than I kill...but it's all about fun, right? lol


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25th May 2004

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#19 16 years ago

Rifleman, grab my No.4, my nades, go shoot the fools trying to run and gun me with an mp-40, then cap the flag. Also designated clan gunner on the SAS jeeps

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8th August 2003

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#20 16 years ago

i agree with malsa.

allrounders lead the way !