What jungle warfare in fh2 should look like -1 reply

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15th June 2005

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#61 13 years ago

Wow, one of the most difficult threads to follow in A LONG time...nice going guys:fistpunch:

Getting to the topic of the thread, those screenies look like a knockoff of Songua Stalemate (yes some people still do play that map) but without the crappy fog effect. Really the devs NEED to redo the textures for foliage from the ground up. Grass is basically just a mishmash of the same texture repeated several hundred times, and we've all seen the flat trees and bushes. Here's hoping they can clean up the smoke and fog effects as well

This is looking at it all on high btw, and yes that's how I play it as well; I can average 55fps on my setup easily, and it's just a little budget beast.


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9th October 2005

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#62 13 years ago

would be cool if a 20 foot anaconda rose out of the grass and the japanese and americans had to team up to take it down. japan supplies the godzilla megazord, and the americans provide the sexy heroine that sees the gentle beast inside...


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6th January 2005

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#63 13 years ago

I'm confident the devs will make great looking jungles for FH2, we need not worry about that. And whoever says BF2 looks crappy compared to 42 obviously has no idea what they're talking about. BF2 looks stunning with the settings up, there's nothing that doesn't look way better than in BF42. Those pictures just don't have a very high resolution and no Antialiasing.

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2nd May 2005

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#64 13 years ago

"compared to", you hit the nail on the head. Compared to BF42, a lot of things look good.

That said, for the current state of game technology, I think BF2 jungles are pretty damn nice--not perfect, but very well done. They could doubtlessly use improvement, but I think it's a fantastic start for FH2 jungle warfare. Fair?

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10th April 2004

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#65 13 years ago

Extremely. I'd take whatever BF2 has and be content just at that graphics baseline. A lot depends on your machine as well. Even good old FH looks pretty righteous on a new rig.