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19th February 2004

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#31 17 years ago

Yeah, I've noticed the Elefant on Citadel can take out a lot of vehicles in one shot (SU-122, T-34) - though not the KV-1 or KV-1S - if it gets them in the right place.


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17th November 2003

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#32 17 years ago

My opinion:

BF1942: Pure arcade blaster. BG42: Less arcade blaster. FH: Even less arcade blaster.

None of the above are 'full-real' (eg, no concessions made to 'game-balance'). FH has done the armor about as well as it can be done within the limitations of the game engine, though I would love to see certain rounds completely unable to damage certain armor. Regarding infantry, all the above are pure arcade (infantry are armed with railguns), though there seems to be a possibility that FH will address this issue (rifle-sway, iron sights etc).

Until something better comes along I'm happy to do tank-maps only in FH and avoid the infantry roles. I wouldn't touch either inf or armor in BF1942/BG42.