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7th October 2005

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#31 11 years ago

That's ok, no one here is a living WW2 library except maybe for aunschullac


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6th December 2005

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#32 11 years ago

Why isn't LA-7 a choice? That plane is ta Sex. I think swordfish should be there as well.


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#33 11 years ago

The choices are from the original BF1942, besides there would be too many fighters put up in the first place if I didn't set a limit. Hey, the Swordfish is a torpedo bomber; would we consider it a fighter?


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31st January 2005

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#34 11 years ago

Such a heretical list!

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Note: I know both aren't in BF42 but still...any excuse...:lookaround:

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10th April 2004

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#35 11 years ago
Anlushac11;4204433Mustang was used in the PTO and CBI theatre. Most Mustangs in PTO were P-51's and P-51A's used in New Guineau and CBI. The P-51 had priority for ETO for the desperate need for a long range escort to be able to fly to Berlin and back and still have fuel and ammo for fighting.

Watching a show of "Dogfights" they used P-51Ds out of Iwo Jima to escort B-29s bombing Japan as well as for some strafing runs on airfields in the later stages of the war. In game I can't really say except maybe choosing the P51 there since flying was not often available in gameplay. IRL it would be the P-51D hands down. Second choice would be the Corsair.