Where'd you hide the flamethrower Lobo? -1 reply

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4th April 2005

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#51 14 years ago

There should be a sticky of easter egss and people just post easter eggs and eye candy they see. If they want too....

Adolf Galland

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20th May 2005

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#52 14 years ago
ANZACSASsince the shotgun has been fixed up for 0.7 is it still on iow are there any new maps its on?

Found one on Battle Isle.

"Eh.." "Whats dis?"

*BLAM* => 1. kill

"Whoops..its a shotgun!"

*BLAM...ricrac...BLAM* => 2. kill

"Ey, its nice!"

*BLAM...BLAM...BLAM* => 3. + 4. kill

*tactactac....* => got killed and lost it! :bawl: