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7th September 2004

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#31 14 years ago

my fav map is adak, second one - midway - so it must be pacific - simply because of ships, ships and more ships

but best memories i have are connected with il-2 with 192 bomblets.. playing coop i scored more than 60 tanks without reloading - this f@@@ plane is A BIT overpowered when you know how to use it - 3-4 bomblets kill ferdinand!

waiting for more eastern maps and working prok... now it does not work in multi



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30th November 2004

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#32 14 years ago

I do believe that the thread never asked you to state which theater of war you dislike.

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8th February 2005

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#33 14 years ago

Currently Western theatre! Favorite battles -Foy, Breakthrough, Sector 318. Breakthrough is my favorite tank battle so far. Oh and a word to the wise -dont try a 6 pounder against a King Tiger -turns out thats a one sided argument. ha ha

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14th May 2004

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#34 14 years ago

I find the Meditarrean and Pacific theatres more interesting, but you can't argue with the maps for the West Front.


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2nd September 2004

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#35 14 years ago
Krazy Kommando i tend to like russian maps the most because: a) im a tanker, and both sides have great armour. (not like those crappy tin-can shermans or ha-go's) b) US equipment seems to have found its self into most of the maps, and russian maps are the only place that doesnt seem to have any (yet. and no, the jeep & APC doesnt count :smokin: ) c) i like the russians d) their maps are so different and unique from the other europe maps e) fairly well balanced, without making it lame

:agreed And even more with the 2 new soviet maps that are coming for 0.67.

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10th April 2004

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#36 14 years ago
Krazy KommandoA simple poll to find out which is your favourite theater. note that this is NOT to find out what types of maps u want to see more of, but what types of maps that we currently have are your favourite. Pacific Africa Eastern Europe (russia) Eastern Europe (poland & finland etc) Western Europe (US, brit, france) -ps, i like russian maps mostly

I like them all really. I can think of a lot of fun on each and every one. Also remember some crap (my playing) but let's not go there... Voted for Western Europe but a close second would be the Pacific. Midway is my favorite overall map.


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30th April 2004

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#37 14 years ago

Alrightie, I'm going to go way against the grain and go with the Pacific and African Theaters of Operation.

The Pacific I love because it is mostly bolt actions, and I love my Springfield 1903. Plus, its a great area for tank/infantry cooperation. Seeing as how neither the Ha-Go nor Stuart are particularly strong, they need infantry cover to survive. Likewise, there are tons of ambush spots in the Pacific maps, so the infantry needs a tank to clear out bunkers before the flag cappage.

Africa I love because it is a rifleman's wet dream. Lots of wide open space where the high powered rifle reigns supreme. Though some people may take an SMG into battle, it will do nothing for them if they are caught in the open and are facing a rifleman. Plus, the wide open spaces work very well for tanking.

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25th April 2004

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#38 14 years ago

Hmmm...I voted Easter Europe (Russia), but I must admit that the African maps come on a well second place. The only thing that I dislike about Africa is bascily the allies JABOs, the PzKpw D and the *dun dun dun* lack of PzKpw III.

However, as USMA said I also love the wide open spaces (I like deployable MGs ;) ), and the overall cool terrain.

My favourite map is probably Desert Rose because it have both naval-combat (rare), air-combat, and some good armor combat!

The reason I like the Russian maps is mainly due to the big armor maps, like Prohovkarovka! :)


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9th October 2003

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#39 14 years ago

Fact that people don't like the Eastern front so much is because of multiple reasons;

we don't have a lot of Russian equipment right now; why and how would one make a map if there are no vehicles that can be used? Especially later war maps are in desperate need of many (I)SU models, and we could really do with re-modeled and more versions of T34's.

The Eastern front is not as much put forward as the Western front; Hollywood prefers to keep its "American only" image. But then again, Russia doesn't really have a Hollywood. It is because of the rejection of Communism that has drawn away the attention to Eastern civilization. As displayed currently.

I think most modders and mappers are from Western Europe and the States as well; so that's a quite obvious reason.

But the Eastern front deserves all the credit it can get, Russia was in war with Germany from almost to the start until the very end of the war. Hell, those yanks didn't show up until 1944! By that time Russia was already mopping up Poland.

For some reason I think it is not fair this theatre gets so little attention. But with all the rumors of the SU series coming, my fingers are really tangling to work on many new Eastern front maps.


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8th January 2005

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#40 14 years ago

I'm a big fan of western Europe from June 44 onwards. But I'm also very interested in the Soviet advance on Germany and the battle of Berlin.