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8th October 2008

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#21 11 years ago

You know the weak spots of the Grant is the side doors...lol...and the roof on the valentine. Once managed to climb up on a Valentine and throw a Geballte on the roof...only to see him still driving around with a burning engine :mad: But I really can't wait for the Tiger. In my oppinion the britts currently posses the armor and the krauts have the gun power. So you can imagine how much the Tiger will own with that armor and firepower combined. It will just require competent players who know how to keep the enemy in front. Although the Sherman is a decent tank in those terms...but it will be owned to.

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19th February 2007

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#22 11 years ago

good question with the none existing muzzle absorber/muzzle break on panzer III

anyone has some background info on that one ?