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Artie Bucco


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27th April 2003

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#31 14 years ago
'[5thLupin']I like early war too but noone else seems to.

Hey i think Counterattack and Eastern Blitz kick ass but i will admit gameplay in Fall Wiess is way to dull.


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#32 14 years ago

if china did get put in would the devs make pre ww2 mapa? like to say battles in 1937-38?


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2nd September 2004

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#33 14 years ago

I think early war maps are not liked because they are the flags are so spread out and distanced... They have less "cool" means of transportation than late war maps, and the flags are too distanced to have decent infantry battles (note : most of the times). While I don't really care, many players don't like to walk for hours to a flag, or drive the "mighty" Panzer II on a huge, empty, field. These maps just feel empty sometimes... :uhm:


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23rd May 2003

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#34 14 years ago

Iirc there were some plans to do some CBI stuff at some point in FH1 but they never did for whatever reason (I assume the devs had too many other things on their plate). I think there was a flying tiger skin for a plane too.

Hopefully they'll be able to do some Chinese maps since player models and voices are already in, as was said above.

Also, complaining about Finland being less important than China in isn't really a valid argument because the single Finnish map in the mod was done as a pet project by a former dev and it certainly doesn't represent the entire conflict.