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5th October 2003

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#101 10 years ago

torenico;4701105Guys if you fear the Tiger,i cant even imagine your fears on the King Tiger!.

Men, if the Tigers puts pressure on you, just use the King Tiger on Berlin Streets... everyone is looking at you, wrong movement "Oh my god, its soo idiot!"

The thing is... by the King Tiger, there are many options on both the western and eastern front to take out a King Tiger (Firefly, M10 with 17lber, IS2, the higher SU's etc...). Whereas the Tiger was in a league of it's own at release. And you also have to take into account the vast increase in air and artillery by the time the King Tiger came around. That and the fact the Tiger had top quality armour (along with the early Panthers), whereas the King Tiger had mediocre quality armour due to shortage of materials by that time in the war.

Anyway... the Tiger is perhaps my favourite tank. More because it's so iconic and damn right beautiful than anything else. I'd prefer it in FH1 over anything else, even the IS2/King Tiger/Panther/etc etc.