Will those old maps ever die? -1 reply

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19th February 2004

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#41 15 years ago
USMA2010Damn All You Balance Morons! This Is A Realism Mod, If You Want Balance, Play Dc Or Vanilla! In Real Life, The Pzrii Did Suck Ass, The Japs Had Bad Guns, And The Ppsh Did Own!!! So Knock It Off!!! Jebas!!!

Yes and people had 1 lives, many were scared to die, you can end up in an hospital for many months just to get your leg cut off, people suffered during winters or in the heated north african desert, you didn't get a lot of food/water, tanks pwned the infantries even more, soldiers never went on an enemy base alone just to steal a tiger tank, needed a lot of physical endurance, etc..... Oh did I mention war wasn't any fun?? FH is a realism mod that should be fun :smokin:

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10th April 2004

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#42 15 years ago

I cut my teeth on Tobruk for months and I like it in reg BF but it suffers the same flames and arrows of outrageous fortune as does El Al and Gazzy cause of NO TANK BALANCE. It would be much worse on the last two if not for aircraft, and that's even without an Axis bomber. However, I like the maps from DICE and they should be kept in play.

Must be nostalgia...


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27th May 2004

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#43 15 years ago

nothing is that realistic, its a just a game

mmmhhh warm oreo cookies taste weird


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5th October 2003

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#44 15 years ago

I think that Dice maps are actualy very good in some ways. Bocage, Bulge, Gazala, El Alamein, and maybe evenmarket garden. All these maps are unrealistic, but they are un to play and bring diversity to the FH experience. They are also fun in my opinion because they have high fps rates(a rare thing in FH). Usually on all Dice maps you get the least lag in FH, and sometimes, that increases playibility. I know they cannot compete with maps like Breakthough, but they are simple, and bring a small amount of fun instead of pure realism into FH.

I say you better keep em in there....


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2nd March 2004

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#45 15 years ago

Map designers often make crap maps with too many cluttering statics in the wrong places which drag down performance while ignoring terrain-for-infantry and other more pressing issues. I could load up breakthrough or Prov and find DOZENS of stupid things with the map. Overplacement of items, underuse of others, poor terrain work at bridges, spawn points in the worst places, planes on runways, the works. Also, how many vehicle slots are on Prov.? 100-200? How can 64 players possibly fill that?