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1st June 2004

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#121 16 years ago
Lt Luger There really needs to be the BF 109 G series fighter as it was one of th most produced planes in the war and it is not even represented in the mod. Have less planes available on desert maps so it could be a real tank war. And since so many are hoping for a Pz III why not put it in? Get a really good aerial combat map based on a historical air battle.

Me109G is in "Bombing the Reich" (only; unfourtunately). The Aircraft in the Desert issue is a little thing: I actually LIKE El Alamein and Gazala again; now that the Vanilla Aircraft with 1,000,000 bombs are gone... Jabos in the Desert were the BANE of the Afrika Corps. Eg-The "HurriBomber". And Stukas were a pain-in-the-BUTT (along with other types: HE111 etc.) for the Commonwealth Forces. Aerial Combat Maps so far (in the Mod): Coral Sea, Bombing the Reich, and Battle of Britain. -There was a HUGE Aerial Engagement fought during the "Battle of the Bulge" between Allied and Axis Airforces-I'm going to check the Historical info on this one...


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#122 16 years ago
myrkul_8 EDIT AGAIN: Admins please close this thread, it got retarded really fast...

ok. but I'm not an admin.