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judge reinhold


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27th April 2003

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#61 16 years ago

The "evil foods" as you guys call them (more like legion of fat) are usually on the team that has the disadvantage. some maps they play germans on: the storm, berlin, kharkov, non charlie omaha, stalingrad. the germans have a distinct disadvantage at all these... respectively, a large line of defense to hold against outnumbering t34's, the is2 and the ppsh horde, the t34 dominance in '41, the fact that allies dont have a ticket drain, and if the russians capture the beach flag, the germans are pretty much guaranteed sunk. Always makes me laugh when some sore loser on the business end of a legion of fat advance says that the evil foods pick the easy side :rolleyes:

edit: its fine to run around with your pistol out as AT, since thats your only defense against infantry. if you run around with a knife as an mg class to save accuracy, you're exploiting a glitch the fh team never intended to be used. they did however want the AT to have a pistol, so use it.

The Evil Cookie

I'm not good at FH :-(

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25th May 2003

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#62 16 years ago

Aequitas Edit- Lately on wolf I've seen lots of people get yelled at for "abusing map exploits" and getting kicked. Where the heck did this come from? What exploits? And, with abusing MGs and LMG's with the knife-trick, I'm glad to see that frowned upon in wolf now.

But, what is the ruling on AT weapons? Are you not allowed to run around with your pistol as a Bazooka AT? Are you expected to wait the 15 seconds for them to close? And as an Axis AT, it's impossible to NOT do this, you spawn with the rifle out, and when you switch to the Pfaust, it's aimed. Any clairification here? Or any link to updated WOLF rules concering this?

AFAIK from talking to the higher admins, go ahead and run around with your pistol as the AT class. Its nearly impossible for us to tell if someone is using this glitch when using the pistol/AT weapon. I myself would rather have the pistol out for better visibility and instant protection against enemy infantry.

Now when you are using the knife/mg, this is obvious glitching and you will be kicked. I know its a bit confusing but its the best way we can keep the game fair for everyone


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1st October 2003

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#63 16 years ago

I run around with my pistol as AT because, bascially I am going to expect infantry more often than armour, so it is good to see you are only kicking the mg/knife glitch.


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8th February 2001

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#64 16 years ago

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing that up Cookie and Judge.


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21st February 2004

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#65 16 years ago

Yeah, thanks.


Forgotten Company

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26th March 2004

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#66 16 years ago

There is no doubt the evils are exceptionally good players and play extremely well as a team, they also dominate most maps they play in and generally cause an unbalance in the map, which to a large percentage of players could be frustrating.

Personally I usually move to the other side, I play BF because I enjoy playing the game, not so much winning maps or having high scores so I find I get my kicks trying to keep the "other" side in it. Maybe if more of the experienced players did the same we could give them a better run for their money instead of running off to another sever or switching sides so you can bask in the glory of yet another (yawn) evil victory.

Common guys, get over it and get into them, no one said it was going to be easy.

The Evil Pumpkin

Wolfgaming Staff

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16th May 2004

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#67 16 years ago

Well said buddy

Teufel Eldritch

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12th November 2003

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#68 16 years ago

You left one very important thing out FatFreddiesCat....

"Maybe if more of the experienced players did the same we could give them a better run for their money instead of running off to another sever or switching sides so you can bask in the glory of yet another (yawn) evil victory."

Staying on the losing team & feeling the despair of yet another (yawn) Evil victory.

It isnt fun getting pounded over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over. I KNOW I cant match the Evils. They are by far more skilled & talented than I will ever be. What is the point of playing a game if you already know the outcome? What is the point of being on a team if you cant contribute? I agree switching to the winning team just because they are winning is lame, but I dont do that. I leave the server. I free up a space on the server for someone else. That someone else may indeed be skilled enuf to play against or for the Evils. Me being on a team with Evils in the game is either detrimental to the team playing against the Evils or meaningless if I am playing with the Evils. I want to be useful for my team. Not some doorstop, not just another bullet sponge. This is why I go elsewhere. It is because I feel as if I am contributing to the team if Im around equals(or near equals). If I am around leets...they dont need me, except to soak up bullets meant for them.

I dont want wins given to me & I dont wins never within reach. I want the feeling of accomplishment. Playing with leets I dont get that feeling. Why? because I know it was all them that got us the win. My input had nothing to do with the win......NOTHING. Who wants to play a game where what they do makes absolutely no diff? Not me.

A little side note here.....It isnt just Evils. It is any talented/skilled player or players. Evils just happen to be what this topic was started about.


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24th September 2003

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#69 16 years ago

Whatever said and done the Evils know they should stick on the teams they spawn on at the beginning of the round and no wolf admin should team stack. If teams are unbalanced they should also be the first to suicide and switch to balance it (thats if autobalance is off). Remember not all the Evils are admins.

Just so you all know and thats the way its always been at Wolf (BTW not all people wearing the tag's are admins;) ).

BTW If you want to accuse a wolf admin of cheating then find some proof, contact a WGN BF moderator (me, Smokey, Kitlope, Limey, Oracle) or a site admin at wolf and talk to them privatly. No one is going to listen to anyone mouthing off in a different forum with no proof what so ever. The Evils are good players, like anyone who plays a 1 game all the time and uses TS.

As for the exploit, everyone here knows about it so there is no excuse if your caught using it.

As it says in the sticky in this forum, if you have a problem with WGN servers take it to our forums and discuss it there, not here or anywhere else. Thanks.


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7th August 2003

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#70 16 years ago
'[TLBFatFreddiesCat']I play BF because I enjoy playing the game, not so much winning maps or having high scores so I find I get my kicks trying to keep the "other" side in it.

I agree totally :nodding: , but... I think on Public servers, playing against a clan connected via TS, you are on a hiding to nothing - I long for the day that voice comms is built into every online game - dunno why it isn't... Is there anyway FH can integrate the option of TS into the mod to save people messing around finding the relevant server ip..??? Probably not I guess; but I think the devs can do anything they put their minds to :D . Note. I've never used TS only RW, so dunno how easy it is to setup... I may be missing out by not putting in a little effort into setting it up :spank: - Do servers usually have two channels - one for each side? If so are the ip addresses always the same? Has ASE maybe got an option to list the TS servers related to game servers - that would be very useful to autostart TS? As an aside: I personally have no issues against anyone playing online - I see no tking any more when I'm on and that's all that used to annoy me.