Clanbase Jedi Academy ladders (or simply: European JA ladders) -1 reply

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13th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Currently a significant amount of European clans is still waiting for ClanBase ladders (unaware of the 2 other european laddersites that already exist), simply because ClanBase is the only european laddersite that is really well known.

However, ClanBase refuses to create Jedi Academy ladders unless we build up a huge load of petition votes for Jedi Academy ladders on ClanBase. (we're currently *only* at 61 votes) Therefor we (the -=DJM=- clan) ask anyone that reads this to sign the Jedi Academy ladderpetition at:

We hope that a massive amount of votes will sway the view of the ClanBase admins and finally let them start some ladders for Jedi Academy. These ladders could be interesting for non-clan members as well, as most games on ClanBase (including Jedi Knight 2) have 1 on 1 ladders as well.

Thanks in advance, Clan -=DJM=-