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A.K.A. Ghanrage

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29th January 2005

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#1 10 years ago

At long last we have reached the coveted position of 420!!!


This calls for a celebration ;)

But really I thought I'd add a bit of life to this segment of the forum. The FH F@H team has really kicked ass to get this far, so cheers everyone!


GF Pwns Me!

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27th April 2003

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#2 10 years ago

And we will reach 4 million points very soon :cool:


Pro-Filer thinks I'm cool!!

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12th November 2003

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#3 10 years ago

Yeehaw.. yeah 4 million will be a milestone fer sure. Sorry I missed the hoopla over our 3 million milestone. Been just trying to keep some RL crap in order. I've had 2 quads on duty, but unfortunately I just had to take one off line tonight. Fuck Bush and our screwed up US economy... I'm trying to overclock my central air conditioning to keep up with our 112F degree days, but it's just not working. It's been running full blast since the heat wave and I can't get the house under 80F during the hottest times of the day. My office is built on cement slab so it always runs 10 to 20F hotter than the house during the early evenings when it's still 105+F out... guess you can do the math. Anyway, even with a machine down and my Air going full blast, I suspect an energy bill over $1K these next few months.