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3rd January 2003

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#1 17 years ago

hi ppl around

i think i don't have to introduce myself, but i think i haven't posted a thread like that in this forum, so here i go ;) my clan, the Silent Assassins E-sports (short: SaE) is still searching members, though we got around 30 yet, but most of them are inactive or never post in our forums... so if you are interested, here are a few things about us, and stuff you should have/be

Clan Data

Tag/Name : SaE.Silent Assassins E-Sports Leader : SaE.Fencer Co-Leader : SaE.Raitenks; SaE.Evolva Current member-count: 31 Warhistory : 16 won, 6 lost Homepage : Server : not yet availible

Clan History

Silent Assassins was founded by our leader SaE.Fencer in 2002, and started with 3 members, SaE.Flamer and SaE.Sentinel; though it was first called -=)LTS(=-. i met fencer in a forum when i was new to jk2 and it's community, and after i drew a few skin-ideas for their clanskin, he accepted my application and with my joining, we renamed the clan into Silent Assasins(short= -=S|A=-). we fought several wars and won most of them 16 won, 6 lost, and made ourselves quite famous in the german jk2 community. after a year, we (finally) realized that there where just too many clans named silent assassins, so we again renamed ourselves into Silent Assassins E-Sports (short= SaE.), not at least because of our homepage url :) one day, i began to argue kinda heavy with fencer and left the clan, joining the german formation [q]e[X], where i played ut and never wnated to play jk again. well, but after this one, faithful night, whatching neraly all the starwars movies in a row with a couple of friends, i just had to reinstall the game, and with that i joined the SaE again. unfortunately time had passed and i weren't co-leader anymore, SaE.DarthEvolva took my place, and he is doing it kinda good. soon our professional hp will be finshed (tomorrow) and our server (locked, 16 slots) will be availble end of this week, too.


The member must: - be able to talk german - be at least 13 - have ICQ - have a fast internet conection; at least ISDN - have Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy - post in our forums at least once in two days - must be online at icq at least once in two days - must be availible at the training- and war days


SaE.Raitenks: -email= [email][/email] -ICQ= 176286873

so, please read through all this, and i would be pleased to see some of you guys talking to me next time.

kudos, rai