{SOS}CLAN is # 1 in JKA -1 reply

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24th October 2004

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#111 15 years ago

Hey if ur clan is #1 how come ive never heard of them???? :rolleyes:


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28th March 2004

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#112 15 years ago

TBH , for PNUT to post here saying WE ARE THE # 1 JKA clan, then ure just one big fat raid sad clan tbh no clan is the best, we all have personal conclusions about it, i may think my clan is the best, BUT I DONT POST IT SAYING OOO WE RAID FEAR ! SOS ! nail this crap right now because tbh, every post {SOS} has done on this topic is spam spam spam, uve just made 1 big SAD and BAD reputation about ure clan, and i hope it doas ave crap repu aswell :smokin: ~Lee