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This is a short information about our recruitment process by the Void Alliance Ministry of Personnel.

Joining VA won't be as simple as joining some clans where tell them you want to join and you get to wear their tags. The VA recruitment process takes about 15 days before you clear probation. However, do you want to join a group that is so new that they will take anyone and may fall apart tomorrow or a well-organized cyber-warriors squad with years of tradition? I am sure you will find the benefits of joining a respectable, well established clan worth the time. We accept recruits from all the world, of any nationality or religion. We will accept recruits from any online game even if we aren't active in them yet. Experience is good but your attitude is the most important thing, followed by talent. We welcome "Elite" top-guns as well as accepting promising newbies although we often recommend newbies get familiar with the environment, the community, and the squads in a game before taking an important step such as joining one. To be a recruit of the Void Alliance requires having INTEGRITY and HONOR, accepting the Void Alliance TRADITION, sharing the LOYALITY to our organization and bringing it GLORY by your own deeds.

If you are interested in joining the VA, please fill out the questionnaire for recruits which is published there: http://www.voidalliance.org/site2/Recruitment/questions.htm. You can also sign-up for an eZboard account and post a message using the "New topic" button at the top of this page: http://pub175.ezboard.com/bthealliance25473, to make sure everyone in the clan will notice your application - and besides you will need the eZboard account anyways for communication with the rest of the clan.

We will immediately discuss your application to find out if any members have an objection to your application. This can take several days although it normally passes quickly. If you pass this stage, you will receive a letter from me formally allowing you to use =\VAR\= tags (Void Alliance Recruit) in front of your callsign. This will inform other clans that you are going through our recruitment phase, and your tags are one of the benefits of joining our clan. When you are wearing our tags, we treat you as a member. That means we will fight with you and all our allies become your allies. In some games, it might be inconvenient or technically impossible to change tags or wear tags at all. For such a specific cases, please contact the Ministry of Personnel for more info. You will usually wear those recruit tags for two weeks. If you leave for a vacation or are rarely seen in game, the MoP may decide to extend this period. We will carefully watch your conduct during the probation period.

The Void Alliance (like all respectable clans) does not tolerate hacking, posing as another player or any other behavior considered improper, in any VA supported game. Vulgar language, and flaming of opponents, either on in-game chat or on the public forums, is not condoned by VA. Any and all of these things are reason for immediate denial of entrance into VA.

After those two weeks, the Void Command Council will vote for your membership; if the vote passes, you'll take the "R" out of your tags, and officially become a full =\VA\= member with full access to all forums. If, for some reason the vote goes against you, you have another two weeks of probation until the final vote. If it fails to pass again, than you are sadly refused for good.

For more information or discussion about the Void Alliance recruitment process please contact the Minister of Personnel directly by email (personnel@voidalliance.org) or at ICQ 130838646. You may also want to contact the Commander of our JK: Jedi Academy division by e-mail or MSN: [email]Feanor_PL@hotmail.com[/email].