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#1 13 years ago

-Suggested by FireThrone- Alright, it's just a basic stripe tutorial (if you don't get what that is, scroll to the bottom). Why the heck, I'm not a pro, but this might just appear a bit interesting or usefull...

[You can skip the values and (tips) if you're familiar with the program]

1)On the main grid, create a simple box with a dimensions of 12x12pts and of 120pts high. 2)Increase the segments count a bit. 3)Chose Tools -> Array and enter a value of 32 to the move -> X (top left corner), then set the count value to 12. 4)Choose all of the sticks and go to the modify tab, then apply the Twist modifier: set the axis to X and the angle value to 180. 5)In case we have quite a lot of objects, in would be clever to assign them to a single gradient pattern: open the material editor (key M), choose any material, then assign them a gradient pattern (click the gray button near the Diffuse, choose Gradient Ramp). Don't forget to get it into the scene... 5a)You can achieve nice blendings by playing with the specular and bump map settings... 6)Assign a UVW Map modifier to the objects, that would do.Right now you should have something like this: attachment.php?attachmentid=43796&stc=1&d=1134760281 7)Adjust the camera angle, bg color and other scene setting to fit you needs. 8)Render it, get into the PS (or whaever you use) and choose the blending style, that's it. 9)Concradulations!


If you have any suggestions on improving the technique, don't hesitate to post - any suggestions appreciated.