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#1 14 years ago

Well i decided to stick with an allo allo avatar and sig for some undecided amount of time, but since i totally suck as at photoshop i am asking one of you to do something fancy with animations etc. I would prefer Herr Otto Flick of the sexy GeStaPo and his well... intresting way of interogating people. holds some pics on him. If anybody could do something need with that then it would be sweet, but if you think you have better stuff on allo allo then feel free to use that. Thanks for the effort in advance! Rob/Dönitz PS: herr Flick (Richard Gibson): a0a_11.jpg PPS: my own attempts at an avatar: attachment.php?attachmentid=33078&stc=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=33079&stc=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=33080&stc=1