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well now that I'm quite into it and have time I can write about it a little * Why Retouching? Cause not many people knows PS that far. Designers have communication issues to solve, most photographers know only the basics and they are all busy so there is always a retoucher behind every editorial and commercial photograph. even the most beautiful models have faults and never ever a shot is perfect. the best ones are the easiest to retouch but they are all retouched somehow. so here you go. a very well paying rare profession * The list of Skills: - Patience (as always ): its not the most exciting PS work till you finish the job and photographer compares and says WOW and pay you. - Strategy map: usually what to fix is briefed by photographer. the map is a seperate layer where you mark the problems and take notes. you turn it on and off to remember. - Accuracy: you cannot miss a spot. photographer will bash you if you do. Related with how good your strategy is and how many cups of coffee you drink. - Mastering healing tools: that are Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush (CS2 only), Patch Tool and Clone Stamp. Women wish they had these in real life. Those are the tools that you remove blemishes, wrinkles, acnes and all. many have blending options too so you have countless variations to figure out. Good thing is except the patch tool you can heal on a seperate layer keeping the original safe. and realism is the key. takes alot of practising. - Pen tool. the most ultimate selection tool. dont ask just master it. - Skin Softening: well yes its blur. but industry is tired of fake plastic skin so now its blur with less opacity plus added noise and carefull masking with all shades. usually starts with copying the image in a new layer, gaussian blurring it as needed, adding noise to reduce plastic feel and immitate skin texture and masking in the end. you need to keep the eyes, lips, hairs and all the facial and body lines (like the jaw) as sharp as possible. then reduce the opacity to around 50%. Median noise is another option that I combine with gaussian blur sometimes. - Dealing with unintended highlights and shadows: some parts of some faces reflect light in a different way than the rest of the face does. when that happens you are in trouble because it stays there after regular healing and blurring too. needs careful manipulation. use everything you know to make it look real. - Body Sculpting: well you use liquify tool to make fun of your friends but it is one great tool to make people more beautiful and perfectly shaped. push left brush will be your friend in this case. needs alot of work if the background is not a single color cause you need to fix the pixels that are streched in the background. pen tool comes to handy alot here. - Sharpening: Photographers are greedy. they focus on one thing and want other things to be sharp aswell. Unsharp mask is the tool mostly. keep the radius around 1, amount around 100 and threshold 0 (zero) or very little. do it on a seperate layer cause you may have to mask out the areas that you want to keep soft (like skin). also sharpening is mainly on Luminosity. so if its on a seperate layer set its blending mode and you are safe. if not go quickly to edit\fade unsharp mask and you can do it there. - Photographic adjustments: needs a calibrated monitor. I take care of these using photographers monitor cause I have a stupid 10 year old one. get used to all options under image\adjust. there is also the option where you can make seperate adjustment layers. very handy since you can also mask them as a regular layer. - Cropping: when crop tool is selected you can write size and resolution on the top tool bar. now you can crop for real here is the book I learned everything from except my online researches and self discoveries As all the masters do the book just guides you it doesnt teach you the secrets. so you gotta practise.



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This was probably taken from another forum, just like everything else that's been posted by this member.

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