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#1 11 years ago

Hello it's my first time visiting these parts of the forums. I usually enjoy reading post's in the other forums. Anyways, i'm in need of a banner for our clan website. Hostile Faction If anyone has some spare time or wants to practice their PS skills it would be greatly appreciated.

Dimensions: W: 450 H: 160

We want a banner that has a stainless steel background maybe a little grimey/rusty and scratched. Also include our clan logo (below) so it fits the banners theme.


Mainly we're looking for a Red and black themed banner if possible, so feel free to add stuff to the banner to make it look good. I would really appreciate anyones help. Thankyou in advance. Also I will award the designer full credit on our clans website's forum linking back to your own site/profile if you have one.

Thanks again. bf2mapmaker


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#3 11 years ago

Awesome. Thanks man