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#1 15 years ago

well i always have a problem when it comes to making things for myself, but my intro is in need of being a real intro of some type. If someone has some extra time to make me one i would be greatful. Here is the image http://www.clantja.com/ . I not sure if i'll like what someone will make me, but if someone does please dont put a personal logo on the finshed product. I have plans in the future to pay for a web design, but i haven't done all the ground work i feel i need to do for me to feel i have had a big hand in making my web site. IDEA: put the snake in the desert with some bolders at night & have him strike right on que with a lighting strike, some cool audio. Also this sould be made with the idea that the web site will be a nuke evaloution board that kind of looks like my signature. P.S. If you want some credit for it i'll put a thank you link in my news section.