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23rd July 2019

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#1 3 weeks ago

Hi there,

We’ve uploaded a demo-version of a hardcore action-roguelike Space Robinson on Steam recently, and we really need your feedback!

Whether you are an Enter the Gungeon or Nuclear Throne fan or you have never played roguelikes — any feedback (even a negative one) is much appreciated.

You will find Take Survey button in the main menu of the demo. The survey is short and doesn’t take you longer than 10 min, but it will have a huge impact on Space Robinson. The game is developed entirely by one person, by the way! 

What’s in the demo:

-    4 intense levels

-    The Base upgrade

-    Several weapons and perks

-    Invincible battle-dog unlock

-    Fast and deadly mini-bosses.

Demo is available on Steam

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#2 3 weeks ago

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