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#1 11 years ago

Hopefully this thread will help me to expand my talents in the art of sig making. It's a rather recent venture of mine, and it is (surprisingly) a very relaxing way to pass an afternoon. :)

You should feel free to comment on and/or offer criticism about any of the works you see here. I'll attempt to update regularly, so long as inspiration is abundant and my ideas remain fresh.

First things first. A sig I recently finished putting together this afternoon. Working off of inspiration from one of my favorite Xbox 360 titles, Dead Space, this was the result -


This sig was kind of a weird one for me to work on. Simply because, half way through the design/layout process, a new, more interesting idea came to me surrounding the possibilities with it. The abrupt change in ideas left it feeling a bit.... "Directionless" to me. But I finished none the less and felt 80% satisfied with the results and so opted not to pursue further development/changes.

Next up is my current entry for SoTW #81 -


In my opinion, my favorite so far. Namely because I was listening to the song at the time I was creating this one and it seemed like the music just played right onto the pallet and made the picture for me. A short design time on this one, probably about a half hour or so.

Finally, a pair of sigs that I made as attempted entries into the current SoTW. Both were designed around the same Rammstein song, Engel (Angel, if it isn't that obvious ;)), but I had two vastly conflicting visions of what, exactly, the meaning was behind the lyrics/tone of the song. On one hand, the beat/tempo is not slow by any means, but the lyrical chorus is rather somber and has a bleaker feel when examined in contrast to the rhythm of the song. The first sig was envisioned with a decidedly brighter tone than the second -