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#1 8 years ago

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween, I request a new sig to replace the old. It will also celebrate the stupid monsters of Halloween, by borrowing some dumb ones from Dungeons and Dragons. Thus I request that these monsters: d&d%20beasts%20squark%20or%20sharg.jpgd&d%20beasts%20%20senmurv%20gay%20pride.jpgd&D%20beasts%20wolf%20in%20sheeps%20clothing.jpgdnd%20flumph%20again%201.jpgdnd%20death%20linen%20pic.jpgdnd%20paper%20golem.jpgdnd%20thought%20eater%20platypus.jpgdnd%20orcwort%20awesome.jpg

Put them on whatever spooky background you wish. Thanks in advance.