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9th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

(In other words, plz make a sig 4 me.) If anyone has the time, could someone make me a sig, erm, based on Call of Duty... I'd like to see some COD bolt rifles in it, if you need one I can take a screenie for you and send it...

I would do it myself, but I lack the necessary equipment for making signatures. (Paint is my best one, heh.)

I can picture it: on the right theres a soldier carrying a bolty and on the left there'd be pics of the bolties in the game... If the bolties dont fill it up then i can get some auto rifle pics from UO. And then my name in the middle: Mr. Whitlow

P.S. I am a rifleman on CoD, y'see... So... Well y'know... Rifles.... I like rifles.

P.P.S. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top...