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I HOPE THIS IMAGES ARE WORKING FOR YOU ]ah.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/ah.JPG This one is an old one. This drawing of audrey hepburn, It has many flawse probably to everyone else that looks at it. The whited out eyes, the crooked warped lips . the smudges....People probably would look like this and tell me it was all so wrong. I love this drawing though and for me it's perfect and beautiful I see nothing wrong. I see artistic freedom and for anyone to tell me it was wrong or should be different would make me feel all the more unique from them and all the more attached to this or any piece of my art. I am still learning as artist ,never once in my life have I gone off of any advice from another artist nor have I feelt that I needed it. I don't think that any true artist should want to try to learn the easy way, but should learn his way and have his own style. The real drawing looks better though I must admitt. My babby *the real copy* The neck skin in the real one and the shadows is way more brillant and sexy in the real copy. The hair which is actually like hair with folds and well defined is alot better looking if seen 1st person. Due to this being in a frame it has been distorted with a distant light source and by a flash. and by relfexions. ________________________________________________________________ pat.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/pat.JPG I don't like how this image resized, It appears that her left eye is black out like the pupil has exploded on her. this is not the case in the real *baby* though.I don't know how well it comes in on this image internet "violent" rough copy but where she is running her fingers through her hair I gave it a delicious touch there, however I am not statisfied with the dark values of parts of her coat.Actually I am ready to pick this apart because I love it so and for it to be in my heart for me to passionately see its faults and destroy it's full admiration is for me to grow with it.I love this sketch but I see flawes. _________________________________________________________________ ok next vader.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/vader.JPG This piece of hardened clay is one of my favorites. Aside from yoda's hut which I have not yet shot . It is darth vader, save it to a file for a closer look. vadertwo.JPG Here is another view of the piece. http://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/vadertwo.JPG Where as it isnt correct in some porpotions I still enjoy this fairly well. How I wish you could hold this and feel it, how much more you'd appreciate it I imagine. _________________________________________________________________ Ok more? kathone.JPGI can't leave one baby out of the picture when she is so close to the others, always closet in my heart all the same. I love this art , because it is me. I see things in it that most of my stero-type baised common people would disagree with or say was incorrect, but this is an older piece of art and to me it was a learning process and it is perfect. not perfect so that I can be blind and never progress but perfect because I learned from it and it was as it was meant to be. again like all images I am not compltetly statisified with these crule copies that my camera made. ___________________________________________________ yoda.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/yoda.JPG *sighs* this one I am particular depressed about. YOu can and probably notice where it breaked. Parts of it got messed up and I was very sad and displeased about that. You can see my displeasure and possible even feel it a little as you see this defaced mosnter! I still love it, it's my baby I just hate seeing it hurt as it is. yoda2.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/yoda2.JPG Better to see it this way than to see it with your own eyes..I am so remorseful to see it brooken where it is _____________________________________________________________ Ok I'll just post a few more for now. laddy.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/laddy.JPG I made this particular piece while attending a mentorship that my teachers had pciked me to attend. Only a select few was able to join and I fell into that category. I like this one, the right arm appears to dissapear or not to be there but,due to the camera flattening this image that is a misleading concept. The right and left arm are both visible when seeing this under a real light and in 3-d's . I don't have much more to say about this piece. ______________________________________________________________ crash.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/dr.korytco/crash.JPG I am not overly pleased with this, but it is still my baby. Real image looks way better its a train crash from way back next to train is an old car which diddnt turn out exactly how I wanted it to. I see a tilted building in the background and some other things in which I would do more passionately if to do again or differently. This is for another mentorship that has once again asked me to join. This was for our 1st assignment in the mentorship it is charchole (sorry cant spell) and we used a subtraction process with a special eraser. This is my 1st charchole work using subtraction methods ever. AS expected being in the hand picked group for the mentorship ...the students from the random near by and distant schools amazed the teacher and she said quote on quote "this is my best class ever" "such fast learners" Brian, you'll be done with my final in 2 classes. "Ive never seen such advancement from students on a pracitce piece before" "you all went beyound my standards, I am so impressed" last two comments directed to all. I had it sprayed and framed the same day I started it. I still don't think it's done. I miss it already and Im about to go find it and hug it...and in a literall sense I might sleep with it in my arms. I miss it. I am not in love with it because I am overly overly statified with it. I don't think its my best work yet , but this mentoship , the respect the regonition my babbies give me makes us all wrapped up in one giant blanket of love. I love the works , I love my self I love the mentorship and all the students in the mentorship are awesome and hand picked as said earlier. We have a gallery night where we show all our work off that we made at the mentorship I miss my work so much then . I just want to take it off the walls and hug it. I don't need anyones praise, I just need my work to be close by , it is always close by especially in my heart especialy as I passionatelly create it. But I miss out when I don't see my babies, I think about them all the time. RANDOM I am currently working on tattoos for some friends , designs rather


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You seem too skilled for this forum. :p

Try joining wwwdeviantart.com you seem good!


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NusentinsainoYou seem too skilled for this forum. :p Try joining wwwdeviantart.com you seem good!

Thank you !:D