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16th April 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I am an experienced mod leader and am currently going through the very early stages for a mod concept, and require some help. Right now I dont have many details, but have a small team of people who I have worked with in the past and a engine picked out.

I want to start a total conversion modification for the UT2007 engine based on organised crime in a present day city.

Right now I have a few things down, like who will be concentrated on in the beginning..here is the break down...

Russian mob, Italian mob, Chinese mob, and some sort of street gang. Something happens which drags two of these powers into a war, then all hell breaks loose.

The mod will not have tanks, apcs or planes, but it will have a variety of cars and trucks to drive. From 67' Impala lowriders to limos, to bentlys, to picup trucks to forklifts to ciment mixers.

I have a web designer, 2 modelers and a skinner ready to start working when we get the idea ready...I dont expect production to start for a few months..probally not till the summer, but I need someone whos an experienced concept artist, capable of delivering drawings and helping with a story line.

If your interested please post your email..I will only be talking to people with experience in this type of thing and who can provide previous work.