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9th April 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Hey everybody,

Well i just made my first tutorial, and ontop of that its a video tutorial.

This will teach you the methods to make sigs like this: projectalpha.jpg

While this is my crappy tutorial result (Better with more time): tutpicture.jpg

Now im sorry, the tut video is about 28 minutes long, but the the actual tutorial without th extra steps is about 18-22 minutes. The file size is also around 28 megs rar-ed but if you wanna learn then go ahead and give it a DL;4227104;;/fileinfo.html

Watch as I make a complete :moon: out of myself in the first tutorial I ever made. Seriously I sound like a 12 year old snob but... sure.


(+ Rep always welcomed :rolleyes: )