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#1 10 years ago

Sorry to be a pain, but I need a bunch of medals to use as awards for members. Needs to be about 35x20. The one below belongs to another site, so I can't use it... Yea size: NsiderBig.gif No need to animate. :) Please allow the medal itself match the emblem. ;) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need lots of them. Hopefully you're familiar with Nintendo games. I need some for the following: Nintendo Related -Mario (Perhaps Super Mushroom) -Zelda (Triforce) -Metroid (Morph Ball) -Kirby (Warpstar) -Animal Crossing (Animal Crossing Leaf) -Star Fox (StarFox Emblem) -Pokemon (Pokeball) -Smash Bros (Smash Bros Emblem) -Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Stamp) Others -Member of the Month (This) -Grouchiest Member of the Month (This) -Coolest Member of the Month (This) -Noob of the Month (This) -Nicest Member of the Month (This) Goofiest Member of the Month (This) Most Helpful Member of the Month (This) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks a ton. :D