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#1 1 week ago

So hello, and welcome to Fantasy Island. THE PLANE BOSS, THE PLANE....

So we start at the entrance to my park, which comes out of a cave entrance and into a welcome area with benches, trees, lighting, and a lake on the right hand side, and on the left, a look through the floor into the underground section of a ride which we'll come onto later.



At which point, guests come to the main entrance archway. Here's a few shots of the welcome area and entrance at night.



Upon entering the park, you land within the central hub area. The idea is the different themed worlds spawn off from this area. The central hub has a kind of Disney, medieval type theme, with castles and olde world buildings. The first building is of course, a gift shop.


The central hub also contains the main shopping and food court area, in the same theme.



Known as The Food Court, the central hub also has a lakeside area to sit by, shops, a medical facility, and toilets.


But enough of that. Onto the worlds. The first world I created was called Dino Island. It's a Jurassic Park inspired area, and guests enter this world by crossing over a bridge onto another island. surrounded by water. There's a bit of a mix between the dinosaur theme here and some pirate boat type gimmicks, but it seems to work.




Rides in this area include a ferris wheel, a spinning 360 ride, and the main event, a rather epic rubber dinghy ride (which you could peer into from the welcome area as mentioned before) that both goes underground and also has a pretty nice feature with a pirate boat and a kracken.





And here's an overview shot of DIno Island.


And now we move onto the second area, which is, well, Planet Coaster. This is an alien world that guests are transported into, the main entrance is an air lock that guests walk through to feel like they are entering into an alternate world.



This area has an eyecatching giant LED video screen buried into the mountain to sell the futuristic alien world feel.


The shops are also buried into the alien rock to sell the theme.


The moon like alien world is littered with robots, ships, and other remnets of an intergalactic battle that has gone on here.


This is the main coaster of the area.


But also has another high ticket ride in this giant tower that shoots riders right into the air for spectacular views.


The minor ride for this area is a looping coaster ride.


The area also features an alien shopping mall with food, gifts, and plenty of seating, as well as a central feature.


And this brings us to the current and next area I am working on, which is the Wild Wild West. Yup, we're getting all Red Dead up in here.


As this area is still a work in progress there are only two rides. The first is a pretty simple but of course mandatory merry-go-round, which fits with the era.


One of the main attractions, of sorts, is a re-creation of a western town / street that visitors can walk along. Plenty of photo ops here. It also features an abandoned church and various set dressings.





Finally we come to the work in progress main coaster for the western area. It needs more work.


And finally, an overview of the park so far;


Would be interested to hear thoughts / ideas!

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#2 1 week ago

The water coaster in the dinosaur area could use some surrounding scenery on its outer side. Perhaps some overgrown trees here and there could complete the theme.

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#3 1 week ago

Well, I was intending to extend another themed area out that way, but I'm not sure which one yet.

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#4 1 week ago

Looks fun. But where's the coaster rail sending riders through the ferris wheel upside down and at terminal velocity?

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#5 1 week ago

Why is your vendor thinking about quitting?


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#6 1 week ago

They all keep quitting, I'm too busy building my dream theme park to pay them properly.

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